Our services
Tony Cooperate , the expert in organizing corporate seminars and events in various formats such as internal seminars for Human Resource Development, Annual Company Outing, CSR activities in schools and youth groups, Incentive trips as well as special events and trips from Anime Club to follow the footprints of your favorite cartoons and anime.
We are ready to serve you the best with our team of professionals in all areas. Not only help you organize the activities, but we are also there from the beginning to help you with planning, allocating, and creating the routes, accommodation, transportation, related services, and activities that best meet your needs. With our absolute understanding of the limitations, we offer flexible, fast, cost-effective services and deliver results that make the greatest impression.

Corporate Meeting

Let our team of experts help you plan your corporate meetings and events. Regardless of the venues, domestically and internationally, we will maintain the atmosphere of fun and relaxation yet packed with quality and efficiency.

Incentive Travel

With experience in tourism management with expertise both inbound and outbound, we are ready to help you design and manage travel trips to reward your precious employees and customers. We will help you create a memorable experience with great attention to details to foster a positive relationship between your organization and your targets.

Exclusive Travel

Customized travel arrangements specially just for you and your groups on domestic and international routes of your choice. All you need is to specify the destination, preferences and interests of yours. We are ready to make all arrangements for this very special trip. Make it truly a private, intimate and relaxing trip.

Anime Club

Another service that brings all the passion for manga and popular anime in one place. Whether it is an anime tour to many tourist attractions in Japan, learning about the various cultures involved, as well as exclusive events for characters and cosplay enthusiasts with cooperation and support from Cartoon Club Channel.

CSR Organizer

Our service that helps you design and manage CSR activities in a variety of formats, especially activities related to youth groups and schools both in the public and private sectors. Ensuring that your CSR activities will be creative and diverse which enhance the good image of your organization.